How to protect yourself when it comes to Levitra and counterfeit pills

A Los Angeles man who lived in the Koreatown district has been sentenced to thirty months in prison for attempting to smuggle almost 40,000 counterfeit pills into the United States. The man arrived in the United States through the Los Angeles International Airport in February of 2012.

Kil Jun Lee, a 73-year-old man originally from Korea, was sentenced due to the fact that counterfeit pills can be very dangerous for public health. The pills were going to be sold as Cialis, Levitra, and Viagra, and if genuine, would have been worth more than $750,000. Mr. Lee has been found guilty of 3 counts of smuggling and 3 counts of trafficking counterfeit drugs.

The drugs were found by customs officers stashed away in a golf bag and other luggage. Mr. Lee had just returned from a trip from China that included a stop in Korea. After analyzing the pills, it was discovered that they were not the genuine product. When compared to the genuine version of the drug most of the pills contained the right active ingredients, although the amounts were incorrect, or the active ingredients were switched (for example, the fake Levitra pills would have the active ingredient in Viagra). There were, however, some pills that contained no active ingredients at all.

This story is one of many, and goes to show you how common counterfeit pills are. Shopping online is a great way to save time and money, if done correctly. There are many websites out there that claim they will sell you Levitra without a prescription. These websites are likely selling counterfeit pills. If one man is attempting to smuggle in 40,000 pills, imagine how many pills have been smuggled in by people who have not been caught!

Counterfeit pills are dangerous for multiple reasons. One, ingesting unknown amounts of the drug can lead to problems - you could potentially be ingesting 5x the amount of a regular dosage, if not more! This can cause severe side effects. Another reason counterfeit pills are dangerous is you do not know what else is in them besides the main active ingredient. Finally, counterfeit pills are usually sold without a prescription. This means you have not checked in with a doctor to make sure this drug is safe for you to take, or to find out what the safest dosage is.

Levitra is a very safe and effective drug, but if you want to use it to treat your erectile dysfunction, contact your doctor and get a prescription. Safety should always come first.

Title Post: How to protect yourself when it comes to Levitra and counterfeit pills
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